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Hero Wars Lien Video

Hero Wars Lien

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Hero Wars Lien Video Author Larin

Following the path of love, the wildcat turned into a beautiful girl. But her happiness was short-lived, as her beloved fell in a battle. Crushed by grief, but strong in spirit, Lian decided to fight evil with the power of sincere feelings.


This story happened in the last century in the province of Mato, known throughout the Dominion for its beautiful Kata Ki hospital. Then, as now, frequent snowstorms covered the rocky peaks with snow to the very top, making the terrain almost impassable. But for wild cats, these harsh lands are their home. So, it was two eras ago...

Shaking off fluffy snowflakes from the cedar branches and scattering in ringing laughter, the young cat Lian played hide-and-seek with her friends. Behind her ear was a golden leaf-shaped brooch, a gift from the pack. But something was in the winter air, something was calling Lian deep into the forest. She ran into the thicket, sliding her flexible body through the snow. And then she saw him, frozen and almost lifeless...

It is known that people appear too rough and clumsy for cats. But this one was quite different - the most beautiful Lian had ever seen! Snowflakes fell on his eyelashes, which made him quiver... Oh, my God, he was dying! Lian firmly grabbed the man's collar with her teeth and pulled him out of the forest. A few hours later, she reached the outskirts of the city, knocked on the door with her paws, and rushed back to watch the rescue in the shade of the branches. Only then did Lian notice that she had dropped the gold leaf brooch near the porch. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Lian saw movement in the woods. Or was it just her imagination? The cat turned around and instantly disappeared into the thicket.

Upon returning home, Lian realized that she fell head over heels in love with that man. An endless longing lurked in her heart, such as she had never felt before. And a few miles away from Lian, the barely surviving man felt exactly the same. As soon as he got to his feet, Hiroshi - that was the name of the man - rushed into the forest. And even though he didn't find his savior, having the gold brooch in his hands, Hiroshi was sure that he would recognize the girl. But apart from a hunter looking for his prey, Hiroshi did not meet anyone. Lian saw both the first and the second but did not come out of hiding, afraid to appear before her beloved in the form of a cat.

Another day of fruitless searching and hiding. Lian sat in a secluded spot, dreaming for the first time that she could become more human. Crying, desperate, and exhausted, she fell asleep curled up in a ball. The next morning she woke up from the fact that her hand was numb. "A hand?!" The cat jumped up and immediately looked at herself. "This can't be! I am human!" She covered herself with a random rag and, not noticing the cold, rushed to the river. In the reflection, Lian was looking at a dark-haired beauty with a luxurious shape. All that remained of her old self were cute ears and the tail. "I need to tell Hiroshi, I need to find him!" joyful thoughts drove the girl towards the human settlement. She was almost happy, light, and surprisingly natural in her new form.

The houses already appeared from behind the edge of the forest. There is Hiroshi, preparing for his search. He sees Lian and understands, recognizes his savior and love. He raises his hands in greeting, runs to her, and she to him. Hiroshi looks away, not at Lian. Why? He grabs her roughly and turns her abruptly around him. Suddenly, his eyes turn cold, and a trickle of blood flows from the corner of his mouth.

Lian turned to where her lover was looking and realized... Hunter! It was his movements that she had caught when she had watched Hiroshi's rescue, and he was definitely in the forest yesterday. The hunter was after her, and it was Lian who was supposed to be his prey! Hiroshi saw the killer, understood his intentions, and shielded the girl with his body.

Treacherous tears rolled down her cheeks. But they dried up when Lian turned her attention back to the hunter, who was hastily reloading his rifle. The girl's gaze became oily, inviting, passionate. This was enough for the killer to become fascinated by the victim, drop his weapon and fall asleep. Not herself, Lian lunged forward, her trembling hands launching purple spheres toward the enemy.

Satori, who was walking with foxes near human settlements, helped to prevent the murder. He told his story and how he got into the Guardian squad. Satori drew attention to Lian's love-born abilities and invited her to serve the good of the Light with her true feelings.

The hunter who tried to get such an "outlandish" trophy was sent to a fair trial in Strongford, where it turned out that he was driven by the Darkness that enveloped his mind. After a long time of purification and recovery, he repented and continued to try to atone for his guilt, supporting Lian in everything.

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